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Our history

We was founded by a team of systems engineers who left their posts in a Technological Institute and dedicated to the invention and development of technology on demand for customers. For several years they worked for different sectors in different countries, developing technology and heterogeneous products. From management systems air operations, virtual simulation technology product, through the first shoe street that monitors the activity and is connected to the Internet.

Activity and partners in more than twenty countries, we have received several citations and awards, not only for its innovative capacity, but also for its management methods.

Having been profitable from the first year of that phase, she has never distributed dividends and reinvested in R & D a large part of its growing turnover.

After a process of reflection, antara decided to reinvent itself and become a product-based company, in order to multiply their growth potential. Of all the technologies we have developed in the portfolio we choose, with some trial and error- semantic information management, competitive intelligence oriented and innovation management in the company.

Until then we had been kind of -desarrolladores- chefs designing menus -prepared innovators asking our customers. From that moment we would like manufacturers -Suppliers kitchens tools to innovation- produccir. We have therefore followed a process of “meta-innovation”, innovating on our business based on innovation.

After a hard transformation process that still continues, we have crossed the desert and is now a company dedicated 100% to technology management intelligence.



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